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FLIZ: The Bike Without Any Pedals Whatsoever

Wait a minute… you thought there was no way someone could reinvent the bicycle, did you? Well, here’s the FLIZ… this guy didn’t reinvent the wheel, but what  he did with that bike is something I never thought of.

He basically hung himself to the frame and… see the video… great idea. It may or may not have success – it depends on how many crazy people are willing to spend their cash on a pedal-less bike.

The idea is greater than the invention of the tablet or the electric car together, I think. However, it should be perfected – you’ll wet your pants on a rainy day and you’ll also ruin your shoes if you use them like that.

Check out their official website here.

See the video below and share your thoughts.

[via treehugger]

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  • Tim B

    Fliz looks like fun to ride. But how does it go uphill?

    • Ovidiu Sandru

      That’s what I also asked myself. :) Guess you have to have strong legs…