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Grass Lamp Illuminates the Home and Grows Hydroponic Vegetation

Grass Lamp 300x226 Grass Lamp Illuminates the Home and Grows Hydroponic VegetationTwenty-six year old visionary and industrial designer, Marko Vučković, won the 2009 Designanddesign award with his creation the Grass Lamp, a lamp that supports the hydroponic growth of plants while using no soil.

Vučković’s Grass Lamp allows terrestrial plants to live in a mineral nutrient water solution or growing medium like coconut husks or mineral wood.

Constructed of light PVC plastic that uses hydroponic light to grow vegetation in the home, the designer made certain it combined both form and function and can be used in a large space or small home. It brightens the space to improve livability and productivity, and it’s gorgeous.

Vučković has come up with several manifestations of his Grass Lamp including free-standing and hanging versions that can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a wall.

Vučković is a 2009 industrial design graduate of Polytechnic University of Belgrade. He has received several design awards, including first prize for best drawing in Berlin over Bosh Foundation in 2009.

Vučković’s Saturn clock won the 2011 KARE contest second award as well as the Designanddesign award in 2011. He also attended talents art school in 2000 and 2001.

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