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Lithium-ion Battery Life Improved by Silicon Beads

nanobeadsona 300x200 Lithium ion Battery Life Improved by Silicon BeadsThe latest innovation in silicon-based lithium-ion battery technology is much more resilient and can boosts energy density.

Silicon-nano beads, designed by researchers at the University of Maryland NanoCenter, are found to store nearly 10-times more energy than conventional lithium-ion batteries that use graphene anode.

The technology is made of organic molecules attached to tiny nanotubes. Covering these tubes with gas containing silicon, makes the beads grow inside the tubes without cracking. This method overcomes the limitations associated with the use of silicon chunks in the past.

The lithium ions are absorbed by the silicon beads during charging, which makes them swell, resembling flexible balloons. During discharge, the lithium ions are released, producing electricity as they travel to the anode.

The battery technology is still being tested in laboratory conditions. However the potential this innovation has especially in the electric vehicle realm is definitely something not to be overlooked.



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