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First U.S. Speed Offense Done by Electric Taxi in 1899

jacob german electric taxi 300x241 First U.S. Speed Offense Done by Electric Taxi in 1899Believe it or not, even though gasoline is the fuel on whose basis speed tickets are being issued nowadays, the first speeding offense was done in an electric car… 114 years ago, on May 20, in New York.

Jacob German, a taxi driver in a leased electric taxi (see photo) did the astounding speed of 12 miles per hour (19.2 km/h) down Lexington Street in Manhattan when he got caught and jailed(!) by a respectable policeman that was riding a bicycle (what a chase!).

Nowadays, you look at electric cars that can easily do 60 mph or even close to 100 (we’re talking about regular cars here, not the Model S) – think again when pushing the pedal to the metal – they might have killed you back then (if they caught you).

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Todd Millions
Todd Millions

The max speed for the old solid rubber tyres was-12mph.

We can do better today-about30mph.And at higher speeds I personally would prefer to fly.

with an E pack of course.