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Intel’s Haswell Chip Family, 50% More Battery Life

Haswell Chip 300x217 Intels Haswell Chip Family, 50% More Battery Life
Intel Haswell Chip 200% More Powerful, 50% More Battery Life

Intel’s new Haswell chip family reduces power consumption by 50% but increases performance by about 200%.

Every three years or so, computing power density doubles, processor chip speed increases and power consumption decreases, increasing battery life of many personal electronic devices.

This is good news for the millions of new personal electronic devices that are flooding the market every year. Consumers are always looking for more power and battery life with less weight, which are completely opposing goals.

Typically, to increase battery life, you can use a bigger battery [or a better battery] or you can reduce the power of the processor.

Advances in chip development and combining central and graphics processors in a single unit have reduced size and power consumption while enabling a two-fold increase in speed.

Standby power consumption has been greatly improved as well in the Intel Haswell, by about 20 times over current technology. Battery life in devices using the new technology could extended by as much as 50%.

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