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3 Eco Friendly Gadgets for Music Lovers


ecosystemSometimes it’s hard to keep the environment in mind when there are so many cool electronic devices now, and all with their own endless need for electricity.

Luckily, modern technology has come to the rescue with some very cool eco friendly gadgets. Here are three carbon neutral ways to listen to music. With all three, you can blast tunes pretty much anywhere, at any time.

1. Eco-Amp: The iPhone Speaker Amplifier Made from Renewables


There are plenty of smartphone speaker amplifiers available right now, but they are all made out of plastic. The Eco-Amp, on the other hand, is made completely out of recycled cardboard. There are lots of different, colored patterns to choose from, and they only cost $10. The Eco-Amp is available for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and iPad.

2. The Rugged Rukkus: The Solar Powered Portable Speaker

rugged rukkus

This eco friendly gadget made by Eton is perfect for beach parties or picnics. The solar panels charge the battery throughout the day, so it also provides up to eight hours of playtime during non-daylight hours. The speaker is also Bluetooth-enabled and has a USB plug-in for charging Smartphones. The Rugged Rukkus is also affordable for its value at only $99.99.

3. The Water Power Radio: A Shower Radio That Runs on Dripping Water


Listening to music in the shower is fun, but the steam can be bad for electronics. For a device that actually needs water to work, pick up the Water Power Radio made by the H2O Tango Group. The device needs to be installed so that water from the showerhead drips onto it, so that the radio can use it as an energy source. They are available on Amazon for about $30.

There is a device on this list to match every budget, so make these eco friendly gadgets to save energy and take music anywhere.

Image (c): Eco-Amp, Eton, H2O


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