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28% More Wind Turbines Installed In 2012, Compared to 2011


wind-farm-turbinesThe wind power industry in the US is growing in leaps and bounds with the country particularly keen on tapping its offshore potential. This is evident with the industry’s strongest year to date being 2012 which saw the number of wind turbines increase by 6,700 or 28% over the previous year, according to a report by the American Wind Energy Association. The total number of wind turbine installations in 2012 stood at 45,100.

Even more interesting milestones for wind energy included supplying over 50% of the electricity of Colorado’s Xcel Energy on several occasions. This was made possible with increasing familiarity as to how wind power could be integrated into their operations.

Commenting on this, the AWEA’s Interim CEO, Rob Gramlich, acknowledged a highly successful 2012 for the wind power industry, while also stating that the industry had shown the sort of influence it could have if the government continued in its support of renewable energy. He concluded, “We’re doing what Americans overwhelmingly say they want: making more clean, renewable energy, and creating good jobs in U.S. factories.”

The AWEA report also showed that apart from providing clean energy, wind power had more than 550 factories providing services and parts while also employing about 80,000 Americans in 2012.

It is hoped that this year would follow suit. With the production and investment tax credit renewal earlier this year, there is indeed a lot of optimism.

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