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21st Century Science “Toy” – Hydrogen Fuel Cell RC Car

Tiny Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car, Just Like the Real Thing, Only Smaller
Tiny Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car, Just Like the Real Thing, Only Smaller

Welcome to the 21st Century of toys: The Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies i-H2GO hydrogen fuel cell remote-controlled car.

I remember growing up with science toys that were meant to teach us about advanced concepts, such as solar power, basic electronics, even basic aerodynamics and physics. OK, I may be overstressing the toy aspect of this little hydrogen fuel cell remote-controlled car. After all, it does cost about $180 for the current version, which reflects a $75 drop in price over the model that was first released in 2008. Some remote-controlled vehicles, cost thousands of dollars and include real-world technology, such as scale-model V8 engines for authentic-looking and -sounding scale-model cars or even real jet turbines for realistic remote-controlled jet fighters.

Perhaps the price drop reflects advances in solar power or hydrogen fuel cell technology, but in any case, this could be just like the real thing, a full-sized solar-powered hydrogen fuel cell car [only smaller]. The Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies i-H2GO is a 1:18-scale model remote-controlled car that is controlled by smartphone app. Pair the i-H2GO to your iDevice [Android coming soon] via Bluetooth and you can use your smartphone to drive the car around.

On its own, this isn’t all that special, really. It’s what’s inside that counts, and this tiny hydrogen fuel cell remote-controlled car sports what could be the most advanced powertrain on the planet. You see, the i-H2GO is powered by a tiny hydrogen fuel cell, which generates electricity to power the wheels and controls. Even better, the miniature hydrogen fueling station generates hydrogen gas via solar panel built into its side.

Of course, the hydrogen fueling station could be powered via USB, but what would be the point of clean driving, even on 1:18-scale?

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