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Donate: Solar Light Caps for the Homeless Nepal Earthquake Victims


Solar light Cap-2CTo help the homeless Nepalese, who survived the massive earthquakes, restore and rebuild their lives, 2C Light Company is collecting funds to send solar light caps to Nepal through the Indiegogo fundraiser.

Sad that Nepal is down due to earthquakes. According to the Earthquaketrack.com, Nepal has had 118 earthquakes in the past month. While the mountain nation is totally broken, it has lost more than 8500 people i.e. one out of every 3000 residents, and the cost came to nearly 50 percent of its GDP. The avalanche that followed moments after an earthquake wiped off the entire Langtang village leaving just one unlucky house behind, unlucky because it’s lonely and in a frightening condition. The country is still suffering the continuous aftershocks.

Unfortunately, not more than $5000 per hour business aid is arriving at Nepal’s rescue. In the World Economic Forum’s ratings to the countries, based on their resilience to great shocks, Nepal is ranked near the bottom of the list, The Washington Post reports.

2C Light Company, founded by Simon Dyer and based out of New Zealand, is the world leader in the manufacture of solar powered wearable technology. The company’s innovative products 2C One, 2C Solar Light Cap, 2C-TuffLite and 2C-SilverEye are unique in the international market.

While 2C Solar Light Cap is, as the name states, a cap, 2C-TuffLite is a hardhat. Their peaks were fitted with LED lights, which would be powered by a palm-sized solar panel that is present on the visor of the cap. They charge up during the day to provide light at night. Specifications and characteristics like No battery requirement, solar recharge-ability, robustness that makes the caps withstand extreme environments like in Sahara and Himalayas, hands-free convenience, waterproof nature, long life – up to 5 years, and a variety of colours and styles makes them attractive personal headlamps.

With safety features like the integrated SOS Morse code rescue flash (visible in a range of up to 2 km), it is recognized as an essential survival gear in emergencies.

In 2011, the company has sent a load of these caps through the HOPE fundraising event to the Japanese children, orphaned by the tsunami. Now again, the company is raising funds to donate the solar light caps to the Earthquake victims. The company has already sent its first shipment and is hoping to send another bulk shipment as the fundraiser proceeds to raise enough funds.

Currently is Nepal is spending its night in darkness. As the destruction caused by the series earthquakes is huge, clearing the remains of collapsed buildings and reconstructing the infrastructure like electric poles, power grid etc., would take a very long time. So, Solar light caps can certainly be a great comfort in their cold dark nights.

The Solar Light Cap is available in a range of styles and colors, ranging in price from USD $25 to $40. For every cap paid for, the company will send another of the same type. That’s a two for one deal. To contact the company, dial +6439818376 or send a message.

Let’s not only empathize with it, but also help Nepal by sending a solar cap. Find out how others are helping and various other reliable ways to render your help.


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