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Adama Kamara's Eco Friendly Stove Uses Biodiesel For Cleaner Cooking


Most people didn’t know that cooking on a regular stove can be very harmful for the environment and also for themselves. Using wood, kerosene and coal in your cook stove is not so cheap and more than that, the toxic fume resulted is very dangerous for anyone who inhales it.

For this reason, Adama Kamara, a natural therapist, invented the Eco Fire Pot Stove. It is an eco-friendly stove that allows people to cook much cleaner than before. This new stove can be made of scrap metal, clay or bricks and uses biodiesel. It’s a much cheaper stove and could be perfect for many women in developing countries.

The Eco Fire Pot Stove has a very simple design. It actually looks like a regular stove, but under its grated burner holes two receptacle filled with clean burning crude biodiesel are installed. The inventor says the biodiesel used is “made from waste vegetable oil blended with methanol or ethanol and wood ash.” (but it can also burn diesel, for that matter)

Providing six hours of burning time, this stove allows you to prepare three meals a day. Besides that, Adama Kamara believes the biodiesel stove could even save lives. “The UN estimates that around 1.4 million women and children die each year because of inhaling fumes from wood or solid biomass burning in traditional cook stoves,” he said.

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