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Australian Company Sells Three Affordable Solar Battery Packs


zen-energy-power-bankZEN Energy offers affordable residential solar and battery packs to meet the needs of the average household.

When it comes to home-based renewable energy generation, solar power is among the most affordable and accessible options. This is even more apparent at places where companies running the national grid purchase the unused energy from rooftop solar panels.

As the popularity grows, many fear that the push from the governments or the utility companies is slowly going to disappear. Therefore, the most logical step would be to opt for home energy storage. This will allow every household, equipped with solar panels, to use their energy when the sun is not shining. Ultimately, this will break the dependency between solar panel owners and utility companies.

The problem that remains, however, is that energy storage systems are still not exactly affordable for small and average households. As a result, the demand continues to increase, but the supply is not really there yet.

ZEN Energy, one of the lead energy storage companies, based in Adelaide, saw an opportunity to fill this gap. They teamed up with Sonnen Batterie and Redback Technologies, to bring to the market an affordable solution for everyone.

So, let’s see what is on offer.

First is ZEN Energy’s own Freedome PowerBank battery, with a starting size of 12.8 kWh. This system is perfect for households that wish to go completely off-grid. It comes at a starting price of $19,750, which includes Goods and Services Tax (GST) and installation.

Next is the Redback system. This includes an outdoor battery and a hybrid inverter. The inverter is quite special, combining both solar and battery technology. This makes the Redback system extremely suitable for city homes. The system comes in various ranges between 3.3kWh up to 10kWh. The energy storage system alone comes at a starting price of $8990. If the customer would like to add 3.12 kW solar panels, then the starting price would be $10,990. All prices include GST and installation.

Last but not least comes the Sonnen Batterie system. Already very firmly established on the European market, the system is now ready to go overseas. It offers an all-in-one energy storage, with size ranging between 4 and 10 kWh. The starting price is 11,900 including installation and GST. The system is already being installed at places in Australia, meeting incredibly positive response from happy customers.

As the CEO of ZEN Energy, Richard Turner, points out, the market now finally offers high quality affordable solar and energy storage technologies. These have the potential to bring incredible savings to household owners, and make them independent from fluctuations in energy prices.

Image (c) ZEN Energy

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