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Affresol Homes Built From Recycled Plastic: 12% Cheaper, 60 Years Lifespan


It’s a known fact that plastics, although they make up hellish environments if disposed randomly (read: “thrown away”), can be good friends if they are to be recycled and used in long-term construction works. Affresol, a Wales-based company, is about to launch a new range of homes and modular portable buildings, made from recycled plastics.

Containing about 18 tons of recycled plastics, TPR (Thermo Poly Rock) homes can be 12 percent cheaper to build than standard ones, and can be built from scratch in just 4 days. Also, having an estimated life cycle of more than 60 years, and being 100% recyclable, TPR homes seem to be getting green kudos (if specifications are kept as promoted).

“Our management team and business partners believe there is tremendous potential for this new product particularly with the growing focus on carbon reduction, low energy affordable homes and sustainability,” said Affresol Managing Director Ian McPherson.

So, the next time you start thinking  about making your home green you may try starting using this technology on a holiday home, or on something that you don’t rely so much, just to try and then recommend the technology to others, if it passes the test of time resistance and quality.

Affresol has high expectations from their newly-designed TPR homes, hoping to build 3,000 homes in their third year, thus recycling 40,000 tons of plastic waste – which seems green enough to stimulate any green-savvy entrepreneur who wants to a cheap office built fast for his employees.

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  1. Thermo Poly Rock! Until reading about this product I was of the belief that the process for manufacturing product from plastic was more damaging than the original process for producing plastic products. According to Ian McPherson, from Affresol, “TPR is cold-produced from waste products mixed with resin and polymers which can then be poured into molds like concrete. Once cured, the company says that TPR offers great thermal insulation, is not subject to insect infestation or rot, does not leach any dangerous chemicals, and is 100% recyclable”.


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