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America's First High School Powered Entirely by Renewable Energy


The City of Angels High School in Los Angeles has become America’s first high school powered entirely by renewable energy. The greenest high school ever built will conserve energy by using 36 wind turbines and solar panels in conjunction with a green roof and systems that maximize the use of ventilation and natural light.

The school will also be equipped with energy saving insulating materials to cut down on energy consumption in the 115,000 square foot structure. Another important thing that must be specified is the size of the school which has been limited to preserve the natural space around it, being used only plant species that are native to California.

Designed by CO Architects, this high school is a example for other buildings to follow for a greener future. It is scheduled to be completed in 2012, being a part of the Los Angeles Unified School district.

[Source: NBC Los Angeles]

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