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Andrew Wheeler’s EPA Looks Like More of the Same


The EPA in the US needs to change its name. The new head of the EPA has no desire to protect the environment. Andrew Wheeler is another business first, anything else doesn’t matter industry insider. Unlike Scott Pruitt, who was hopelessly corrupt, Andrew Wheeler knows how to get things done in Washington D.C.

Andrew Wheeler has a long history of working with the fossil fuel industry, and specifically coal. He also worked with Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe, who makes a big point on just how much of a scam human-centric global warming is.

For those of you that didn’t know, Senator Inhofe is the author of a book called, “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.” Needless to say, these people don’t care much for government regulations, and they are working to make business as free as possible. No more regulations that protect the environment, especially whey they have the potential to damage profits.

Maybe Global Warming is Just a Hoax!!

Ok, so I am an open minded guy. Maybe the climate change people got it wrong, and burning all kinds of fossil fuels doesn’t actually make the planet warm up. The real problem with people like Andrew Wheeler and Jim Inhofe is they create a situation where if climate change doesn’t exist, carbon emissions are a-ok.

Here is the thing, carbon heavy fuel sources don’t just produce carbon emissions. Coal, for example, is radioactive. In its natural state, the radioactivity is weak, and not really harmful to humans. When coal is burned, and the fly ash that it creates is collected, the amount of radiation increases. Fly ash from coal power is a real problem, and in addition to being radioactive, it also contains heavy metals like mercury.

It should come as no surprise that ex-coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler is looking to roll-back environmental regulations that govern mercury emissions, which would benefit…..drum roll please….the COAL INDUSTRY!

Call the Marketing Department

Perhaps all this needless worry from environmentalists could be avoided if the EPA just changes its name. Instead of being called the Environmental Protection Agency, maybe we could call it the Environmental Destruction for Profit Agency (EDPA).

The newly branded EDPA would be far more straightforward in its nomenclature, and would fit the direction that President Trump, Scott Pruitt and Andrew Wheeler are pursuing. Past presidents haven’t been great when it comes to environmental regulations, and plenty of nasty stuff happened under Obama and Bush.

Now it seems like the last vestiges of any effort to protect the environment are being stripped from the EPA. To this I can only say that the agency’s name should fit its purpose, so LONG LIVE the EDPA!!

This is an opinion piece. The Green Optimistic is not responsible for the author’s statements.

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