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New Battery Drain App Program Can Benefit Developers and Customers


androidMobile Enerlytics, a Perdue-related startup has created a program designed to optimize battery usage. Creating the App Energy Challenge has allowed developers of apps to send problems to Enerlytics to be analyzed and sent back to the developers with all the data and solutions to the issue.

The Challenge – The developers can send the app along with the typical scenarios in which the battery is draining at a higher rate than it should. Enerlytics will measure the drain it causes on a typical smartphone in those usage scenarios. They will spend one month developing a maximization plan through analyzation, inspection, development, and calibration.

At the end of the usage study, which takes one month, the usage drain should be reduced by 30%. The company guarantees this 30% battery life optimization or they will refund the cost to the customer, which is $2000.

The company has also developed Estar, a no-ads battery saver. This Android app will extend your battery life significantly by limiting installation to energy-efficient apps, specifically and removing the apps that are inefficient. This app just like many other apps can be found on Google Play at no cost to the customer.

CEO and co-founder, Y. Charlie Hu, claims that this may be a positive step for app developers and the customers waiting to see extended battery life running the newly optimized apps. “By removing these energy bottlenecks, application developers can significantly reduce the energy drain of their apps. This could lead to higher app ratings, more downloads, longer battery life and happier customers,” says Hu.

Hu works at Purdue’s School of ElectricBatteryal and Computer Engineering as a professor. Hu states, “A single line of code can create an energy hotspot, and sometimes changing the data structure or moving it can drastically reduce the resulting energy drain.”

Everyone knows those apps, the ones that suck the battery dry before you even have a chance to work out with your music. Hopefully the developers of Eprof have figured out how to stop the battery sucking vampires and reduce their energy footprint.

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