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Apple Builds Their Third Solar Farm In Claremont


apple-maiden-data-center-solar-02.jpg.650x0_q85_crop-smartWhile everyone is still mesmerized by Apple’s LEED certified data center in Maiden, North Carolina, the tech giant is nowhere near done with its clean energy endeavors. In an announcement that was released just a few days ago, Apple told the world that they will be constructing their third solar far in Claremont, North Carolina.

The deal between the tech giant and the city council of Claremont was finalized on Monday, with Apple officially obtaining 100 acres of land in the area to construct a 17.5MW solar farm. The project is to be completed within the coming five years, and it is expected to generate more than 70 jobs. The energy produced by the solar farm will go to their Maiden, N.C., iCloud data center.

The new farm will be the third solar farm owned by Apple. The previous two are located near Conover and Maiden, generating 20MW of power each. There is a first here though, and that is that it would be the nation’s largest private solar array.

Talking numbers, the land where the farm will appear has a value of $1.4 million, however, not all of it was paid by Apple as not everything will be covered with panels. Two parcels worth $96,000 will be turned into recreational spaces and greenways, and will be given back to the city council. The total cost of the project is expected to be around $55 million.

Apple is now making a name for their clean strategies. All their data centers are powered by renewables, both solar and biogas, which means that they are very close, or 6% to be exact, of going 100% renewables and soon disconnect all their stores from the grid.

The iPhone makers are becoming the favorites of all environmental groups and organization, even Greenpeace, who are a tough crowd to please. There should not be a surprise here, since Apple announced that their top priority this year would be to expand the company’s green energy footprint. However, there should definitely be admiration as the guys are doing a great job in sticking to their green goals.

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