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Apple May Enter the Renewable Energy Market


appleApple may be planning to sell electricity power to the U.S. markets. The company just filed a request to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to receive permission to sell its excess energy.

Although money might be an important factor, Apple will apparently sell the energy at market rates.

This all stems from Apple hoarding too much electrical energy in general from its environmentally-friendly energy sources. From its solar and renewable energy sources, Apple receives 93% of the total energy worldwide.

The energy sources include wind, water, and sun energy-granting devices. The energy is funneled into its stores, offices, and datacenters, but also goes to waste.

The company prefers to do something constructive with the excess energy instead of allow it to go to waste. Specifically in California and Nevada, the solar power installations generate more electricity than Apple can use. A 2016 Environmental Responsibility Report shares that Apple is nonetheless planning a strange move to add on another 521 megawatts of solar power capacity.

There could be profit motives behind the move, however it is also recognized that Apple is planning to build an electric car, which will in effect challenge the current Tesla Supercharger network should further steps be taken. It is suspected that Apple may also create electric car recharging stations.

The need to add more solar power capacity may indeed correspond to the company’s emerging focus on electric car charging practices. The new Apple Energy LLC will most likely still remain minor among other creations for the energy market. This does not mean that Apple cannot gain benefits from doing something with the excess energy it has and capitalizing on it in the future.

Coupled with reducing its carbon footprint and less energy in general, Apple may present an economic and environmental solution to energy waste.

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