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Apple Will Produce Electric Cars With This New Battery


Apple-Car-by-Silvery-Creative-CommonsApple is trying, but partly failing, to secure a secret that is on the verge of exposure:

The company wants to come out with new technology for its electric car project, technology created from an undisclosed South Korean battery company.

What’s the big deal? Well, Apple doesn’t want competing car companies like Tesla to get a look at what’s described as hollow-core batteries. And neither does the battery company, which is suspected to be Korean Company Orange Power.

An official from the secret South Korean company claimed, “because we made a NDA with Apple, we cannot discuss any information regarding this project.”

Looks like Apple is onto something. These particular hollow-core lithium-ion batteries supposedly outcompete standard batteries by offering more surface area per volume. This means that the heat generated during use can dissipate efficiently.

These batteries are currently only the size of “two fingers” and are easier to fix should a replacement be necessary. The potential for soldering and welding is also reduced by its design.

It’s unknown how these batteries would compare to Start-up Faraday Future’s batteries which appear in rows, or Tesla’s Gigafactory innovation of new battery technology.

Should Apple come out with the electric cars featuring the new hollow-core batteries, we won’t be seeing them until at least 2020 if even then. Operating under the name ‘Project Titan’, the project is as permanent as its name. It could change.

Until then, Bob Mansfield oversees Project Titan, while several employees from Tesla (including former Tesla Vice-President Chris Porritt), Ford, and BMW are suspected to be involved.

Although Elon Musk calls Apple’s car project the “worst kept secret in the world”, Apple is doing a good job of keeping the specifics out of the media. The competition between electric car companies is only increasing, let the best win.

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