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Apple Mac Pro’s New Energy-Efficient Tech Cuts Down on Greenhouse Emissions


SGI_sparcstation_MacPro_gizmodo-640x480-1Apple has done it. The new Mac Pro Desktop, although it will not come in green, will be the greenest product the company has [ever] made. The materials used to make the latest model are on average 80% less than these used in its ancestor, which saves huge amounts of energy, not only while being used, but also during the production process and shipping.

To top this up, Apple will make the new Desktop in the USA, which will eliminate the costs and significantly cut down greenhouse gas emissions associated with transport of the machine from Asia, where these things were built until now.

In short, the “green” characteristics of the Mac Pro are incredible, and this is not only visible when compared to other models on the market. It uses the whopping 84% less packaging by weight, and contains 74% less aluminium than the previous model, significantly reducing the material footprint.

In addition, it does not just meet, but also goes way beyond the strict requirements set by the the Energy Star Program for computers of this category, by using less than a half the allowed energy limit. This means that compared to the previous version, the new Mac Pro consumes just under 70% of power.

Reading the report on the product, it is quite hard to pick the features of the desktop that make it “the greenest”, but if we have to select only one more, this should probably be the fact that the materials are highly recyclable, minimizing the amount of waste, BFR and PVC-free.


Image (c) Martin Hajek

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