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Atlantic Wind Connection is Planning Phase One of Offshore Wind Transmission “Backbone”


Atlantic-Wind-ConnectionAtlantic Wind Connection (AWC) is an offshore wind transmission project, or “backbone”, being created by Trans-Elect, an independent transmission company and Atlantic Grid Development with backing from Bregal Energy, Elia, Marubeni Corp. and Google. The companies supporting the project have given some details of the beginning phase of the project.

For the first phase, New Jersey has been chosen, and thus the name New Jersey Energy Link. The backing companies state that New Jersey was chosen due to its commitment in developing an offshore wind energy system together with the immense renewable energy potential of the state’s shoreline.

The New Jersey Energy link will also be constructed in three phases consisting of a subsea offshore electrical transmission cable to bring energy to consumers in southern, central and northern New Jersey. Spanning the whole of New Jersey, the cable will also distribute 3 GW of energy.

AWC say the NJ Energy Link aims to help the growth of offshore wind through cost reduction, creation of a wind farm superhighway and ensuring that consumers have access to a 100% working line at all times, and not only when there is ample wind blowing.

AWC hopes that construction of the project will start in 2016, with the first phase becoming serviceable in 2019.

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