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Wind Turbine Featuring Bamboo Wings, Conceived by Dutch Designer


Holland is best known for its windmills, some of them wooden with fabric wings, such as those I’ve seen in the northern part of the country.

So Dutch engineers are all body and soul for windmills and wind turbines, because that’s how their country can exist in its actual shape (windmills used to extract water from swampy places and pump it into the sea).

That’s what Dutch people also do nowadays, even if they do it with much more advanced technology.

Gijsbert Koren, a designer from the Netherlands knows something about wind turbines. He designed one that doesn’t have the wings made of steel, but of bamboo woven in India, which can be a very cheap and green approach.

Bamboo has a high resistance, and is being used for millenia in various applications, from baskets to fences and boats. The image above shows Koren’s idea put to work, and maybe it’ll catch if someone invests in it (Rabobank, maybe??)

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