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Over One Million Bangladesh Homes Powered By Solar Energy


According to a recent report made by tue World Bank, over one million homes from Bangladesh are powered by solar energy, being the fastest expansion of solar use in the world.

This number is enormous compared to 2002 when just 7,000 households were equipped with solar panels, claims Nazmul Haq of the Infrastructure Development Company (IDCOL).

“It’s the fastest expansion of solar energy anywhere in the world. We crossed the one million threshold more than 18 months ahead of schedule (and) we have set a new target to cross 2.5 million by 2014,” said Haq, who heads the state-run IDCOL, which provides financing for clean energy projects.

The thing we must know is that rural households in Bangladesh are not connected to the state electrical grid. Thanks to NGOs, the provider of these solar panels, almost every house now has them. About 60 percent of the 150 million people living in Bangladesh have no access to electricity, using polluting and unhealthy kerosene lamps for lighting.

[via Physorg]

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