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Barcelona’s Prefab MZ House is Energy and Cost Efficient


Low-EnergyThe aim of Calderon-Folch-Sarsanedas (CFS) Arquitectes, who are based in Barcelona, is to make “conscious” architecture which bears in mind environmental and social responsibilities.

It is with these goals in mind that CFS took up plans to refurbish a 1918 home, converting it into a comfortable, modern and energy efficient dwelling.

The project which took four months to complete was constructed using bio-construction materials in order to lessen its impact on the environment.

To carry out such renovations, the factors considered include what exactly would be renovated, the kind of materials that will be used, and what kind of design will be selected.

For the Barcelona home, the complications that needed to be overcome included a short period for construction, a low-price construction and design of the row house in a north-eastern orientation.

Taking these into consideration CFS Arquitectes chose to design the house with the following: cheaper prefabricated dry construction materials to help finish the project faster, adding a skylight to allow for solar energy storage as well as natural daylight and several other energy efficient solutions to reduce impact on the environment.

The modern look of the interior was achieved using the prefabricated and bio-friendly construction materials throughout. For the roof and insulation of the exterior, wood-fiber boards together with OSB panels made with natural sheep wool were used. The wood used included heat-treated pine and natural larch wood.

For the interior, linoleum together with 3 ply shuttering panels was used in constructing the floor. Natural daylight was provided by the huge floor-to-ceiling windows which are also operable to allow for ventilation, and lends a warming color to the wooden construction materials.

The clean and simple design encourages living in an environmentally-aware style. With its reduced energy dependence of 17 kWh/m2a from 171 kWh/m2a, this restoration is a sterling example of Passive House Architecture which is expected to be the trend in the foreseeable future.

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