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Battery Wizard Can Recharge Your Non-Rechargeable Batteries


batterywizard-300x300The Battery Wizard is a new gadget that tries to re-enable batteries otherwise good to be thrown away. Of course, rechargeable batteries are always handy and ready to be charged, but for ages I’ve known that trying to charge a normal, single use battery ended up in an explosion.

This gadget not only can charge old and depleted batteries, but it can also be of help in reloading your rechargeable ones, be them NiCd or NiMH. It can revive them for up to 10 times as long as they aren’t fully depleted.

This post is not a paid commercial, but rather a free one, because through the Battery Wizard I saw a way to solve a decades-old problem for ourselves and for the environment that bears hundreds of tons of them annually. And it only costs $50.

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