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Beautiful Floating Platforms May Supply Wind and Wave Power To Copenhagen


Oscillating-Platforms-by-Felix-Cheong-1-537x345There is only one thing better than a facility that can harvest both tidal and wind energy, and that is when this facility is also pleasing to the eye. Oscillating Platforms is exactly that, a beautiful installation that can generate green power while promoting sustainability in Copenhagen.

Every year the Danish capital city Copenhagen is the host of the famous Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) design competition, which every time, without a miss, manages to attract talented designers from around the world, who impress the judges and the public with stunning green energy projects. One such project is the Oscillating Platforms, submitted by the designer Felix Cheong, which is comprised of floating platforms with sails and can capture wind and tidal energy.

The Oscillating Platforms have a very smart mechanism that is made perfectly suitable for the famous Danish island of Refshaleøen. Oscillating water columns with pressurized air chambers capture and convert the energy generated by the water tides into electricity, while beautiful and very colourful sails harvest the prevailing west winds.

The generated electricity is to be transferred to the grid or to energy storage facilities through power lines. The total output of the facility is estimated to be enough to power over 1,500 homes.

What brings Oscillating Platforms a step ahead of all other contestants, is the fact that for its construction, Cheong proposes to use only locally sourced, very eco-friendly, and affordable materials.  It is seen as a great sustainable infrastructure that will have incredible economic benefit to the community.

The project has a great potential to win the top prize and probably even be realized. Not only that it is beautiful and it will attract numerous visitors, but also it will generate clean power while showing the public that going green is a wonderful thing.

The winner of the challenge is expected to be announced in the coming month.

Image (c) LAGI

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