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Belgium to Build Artificial Island to Store Wind Energy


Belguim wind powerWith the growth of wind farms the world over, it becomes necessary to provide some form of electricity backup and also since when the energy produced by the turbines is not used, it often goes to waste, there is the need to implement a storage facility for wind energy – and that is exactly what Belgium is planning on doing with its construction of the artificial island.

Belgium North Sea minister’s representative, Vanide Lanotte, emphasized this saying that since there isn’t enough electricity demand, this leads to waste. As such, the artificial island would be an ideal solution and would probably be the very first of such a project as well.

The plans also include the surplus wind energy being used for pumping water out of the island, and then being allowed to flow back by turning a turbine to generate electricity, so that when there isn’t enough wind energy being produced, this generated electricity supports the system.

Interestingly, it is a well-known fact that wind energy is only viable when it is being used. Thus, storage of excess wind energy could provide for shortfalls during peak hours and also enable the company to sell this energy as well.

In all, though wind energy storage been thought about for quite a while, it is good to finally see a country – Belgium – actually trying to implement it.

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