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Biomass Plant to Generate 49KW of Green Electricity to 50,000 Homes


biomass-power-station_1_9l9NH_69This sustainable power plant called Heatherwick Studio is designed to run on biomass, generating about 49MW of green electric energy.

The project led by Bio Energy Investments will be constructed on the banks of River Tees in Teesside. It will generate enough energy to power up to 50,000 homes and will save 140,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually through the use of carbon neutral woodchip.

biomass-power-station_2_f15sC_69Teesside is building a reputation as one of the leading producers of green energy in Britain and we needed an ambitious design team capable of understanding and responding to the practical complexities of the project. The studio has brought a level of design and artistic thinking rarely associated with this typology of building and we are looking forward to working with the local community in developing the plans.’ said project director Matthew Day.

Additionally, River Tees will also house another £200 million biomass power station from Gaia Power and designed by URS. The construction will start in 2010 and this project was granted planning permission earlier this year.

[Source: Architects Journal]

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