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Bluenergy: Wind and Solar Power in One Piece


The BSWT is a vertical wind turbine based on sailing engineering. The wind rotor is rotated by two spiral-formed vanes. For best performance, these vanes are covered in solar cells, so that sun and wind produce electricity as one element. The BSWT installation costs relatively little, produces no noise or significant shadowing, can be easily maintained from ground level, and is an attractive addition to any home.

Why do without energy, if the wind does not blow? Or the sun does not shine? Why not use both energy sources at the same time?

Just like that, the idea of a combined solar/wind generator is born. With the conventional concept of wind generators, high cost of maintenance prevents this technology from being economical.

A new form had to be found.With the Bluenergy system, the generator is no longer in a height, which is difficult to be accessed, but at the foot of the turbine. No crane is necessary to perform necessary repairs or maintenance.

The wind surface was increased and is completely equipped with Photovoltaic modules.The “wind screw” consists of identical segments, which significantly reduce production costs.

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