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Boeing Creates $3/gal Sustainable Jet Biofuel


BoeingIf it weren’t for the high cost, many commercial airlines would already be using renewable fuels, and now, thanks to Boeing, sustainable jet fuel may now be affordable.

Under a groundbreaking green diesel initiative, Boeing is exploring the best ways to reduce aviation’s environmental footprint.

Boeing has been at the forefront of this research since 2011, when a 747–8F flew to the Paris Airshow burning a B15 (15% biofuel) mix from a flowering plant called Camelina.

Boeing 27 other airlines in the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group have been trying to develop a biofuel that is produced sustainably and does not impact greenhouse gas emissions, soil, water, air, and local food security.

Boeing’s biofuel is made with fats and oils that are chemically similar to today’s aviation biofuel and US government incentives lowers the cost to $3 a gallon, making it competitive with petroleum jet fuel.

Boeing is working with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and other stakeholders to gain approval for aircraft to fly on green diesel.  If approved, the fuel could be blended directly with traditional jet fuel.

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