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Israeli Company BSolar Offers Dual-Faced Solar Panels to Boost Power


BSolar, a firm headquartered in Israel, is capitalizing on the idea that a solar panel can collect sunlight on its back, too. That happens when light gets reflected from surfaces behind the panel and it gets lost with conventional panels. However, double-faced panels produce between 10 and 30% more energy if tilted and up to 50% if positioned vertically.

You might ask: how come hasn’t anyone thought of this earlier? Well, that’s the thing: they have; but the cost of producing a dual-faced solar panel was too high and the return in energy too low. Unless you put boron instead of platinum on the back surface field. So that’s what company researchers did: after long, hard work they managed to give a boost to the whole cell, with an open rear face and more efficiency at the front.

It isn’t just the doubling of the parts; it has to do also with replacing conventional multicrystalline silicon with the company’s monocrystalline silicon crystal wafers. Now, that cost more at the production stage, but it pays off in the end when the time comes to turn all that sunshine into electricity. And there’s things the owner can do to enhance their efficiency, like painting the roof white or silver and installing the panels with more space between them to avoid the bouncing off of the sunlight in other directions.

A customer in Nasukarasuyama city, Tochigi, Japan has shown interest in bSolar’s product, so much so that the company is constructing with partner TSBM a 730 kWp ground mounted project to provide solar power to the region. With a construction facility in Heilbronn, Germany, bSolar is in for a lot of business from now on, considering it has several investors.

[via Physorg]

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