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Canadian Company Installs 1 MWh of Solar Power in Italy


The Italian town of Narni has been in the attention of the press these days as Canadian Solar, an important solar power company announced the opening and commissioning of a 1 MW solar farm, called SOLARTA.

4,000 highly efficient solar panels, 230 W each have an annual output of 1.18 MWh, saving 16,000 tons of CO2. GE Progetti & 3i, the Italian partner, spread the solar array on an area of two hectares. One more eco-fact is that they didn’t use cement in the building process, thus maintaining the low-CO2 footprint that the solar panel array should have.

The local electrical grid fully benefits from this installation, because all of the energy will be delivered to it. The photovoltaic panels occupy 50% of the area, being arranged geometrically in multiple rows. They are tilted at 28 degrees to have a greater exposure to the Sun.

“Italy remains one of the world’s fastest growing, most attractive solar markets. Canadian Solar has been a leader in Italy, with this latest installation underscoring our commitment to actively participating in the further development of the solar market in Italy,” says Marco Di Pietro, Country Manager with Canadian Solar for Italy. “We are proud that our high-quality and high-efficiency modules have been chosen to make SOLARTA a reality. We thank GE Progetti & 3i for providing the design, coordination and execution that makes SOLARTA PV farm a great success.”

The Sun’s light is the ultimate source of energy that could save humanity from falling into the deadly sin of continuing to use fossil fuels. Italy represents one of the countries that has adopted solar power since a few years ago, when most of us didn’t believe in it. They already have home-based solar panels directly connected to the grid, installed on the expense of the power company, saving people real money and CO2.

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