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CETO 6 Bringing Carnegie to the Front of Wave Power Technology


Carnegie-wave-energyWith our Earth’s surface roughly 71% covered by water, the need for hydro powered energy is something that seems more like reality, rather than the dream that many think it is.

Over 96% of the surface water on the earth is ocean water. It that can provide an exciting energy alternative to fossil fuels.

Carnegie Wave Energy of Western Australia has designed the CETO 6, with the collaboration of Western Power. The Garden Island Microgrid Project of Perth will be the home of the new CETO 6, which has roughly four-times the rating capacity of the CETO 5, up to 1MW. The microgrid will also have an additional 2MW peak of solar power generation and the safe, stable and reliable energy storage for grid interaction.

Completion of the Garden Island project is scheduled for mid-2016, and will follow CETO 5 in the Perth project already in operation off the coast of the Island.

Availability of a strong wave resource will allow the project to be successful and provide the needed electricity to coastal communities.

“Carnegie’s island power projects will invariably involve integrating CETO with other renewable energy sources, desalination plants, diesel generation and increasingly energy storage,” said Ottaviano, “this project will also be a great opportunity to demonstrate a real world, wave integrated microgrid system to our island customers.”

The total project value of Garden Island is $46,000,000 – including a combination of equity, debt and grant funding. A five year, $20 million loan facility and an $11 million grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency are also funding the island.

The high ticket price is a very small one to pay for the cutting edge of wave technology. Technology that is a very real concept since 60% of the world’s population lives within 60 kilometers of the coast. Carnegie Wave Energy has a tremendous chance to provide sustainable, green energy to the people who live together on this planet.

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