Germanium Hydride to Become High Temperature Viable Superconductor

The evolution of energy storage is not enough if we don't also evolve the energy transportation methods. That's why superconductors are not only good for us, but are also necessary in some applications where heat and energy loss, in general, have no place.

Researchers Make One More Step Towards Metallic Hydrogen as Superconductor

A team of scientists from Cornell University and the State University of New York at Stony Brook announced this week in a specialized publication that they discovered, at least theoretically, how to turn hydrogen into a metal at significantly lower pressures than ever thought and make a superconductor out of it.

SuperStation: The Superconductor Energy Hub Uniting U.S. Grids

New Mexico may become a hub for this kind of energetic interaction, as Clovis is wanted to host the SuperStation, a hub using superconducting cables to link three networks: The Eastern Interconnection, The Western Interconnection and the Texas Interconnection. The 5GW carrying cables will be cooled down to -300°F and thus energy losses through heat will be infinitesimally close to zero.

Swiss High-Temperature Superconductor Discovery Could Change The Grid Forever

A team of researchers from EPFL's Laboratory for Quantum Magnetism could change the way people transmit electricity and the efficiency of the process. Their...

Breakthrough Iron-Based Superconductors Pave the Way for Energy-Intensive Technologies

The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory scientists have developed an iron-based high performance superconducting wire, paving the way for some of...
This razor-thin superconductor could have huge benefits.

Superconductor Levitation, “Kinda Fun,” and Useful? [Video]

Aside from use in the LHC superconductors have application in the real world. After all, no one really needs a hadron collider in their...

Room Temperature Superconductors: a Step Away

Imagine your television set working for 0.0001Watt, or your electric car charged by the Sun as you go. Imagine almost never ending batteries powering cool engines, no power lost through heat.
HSST Ma-Lev Train in Japan - Okazaki Minami Park - Future mag-levs could benefit from uranium-based superconducting materials.

Uranium-Based Material Could Lead to Better Superconductors

Mention uranium, and you may think of two applications right off the bat, nuclear power generation and atomic weapons. These two things may bring...

New Discovery Sheds Light on Way to High Temperature Superconductivity

High temperature superconductors are today what some other time the philosopher's stone used to be. Research done by Gennady Logvenov and his colleagues from the Brookehaven National Laboratory in Upton, NY sheds a new light on how scientists could engineer materials to obtain their desiderate: room temperature superconductors.

How to Make a Superconductor at Home

Superconductors are known as the holy grail of energy transmission, energy storage and even computing. You can make one yourself if you possess a...