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NASA and U.S. Air Force Testing Recycled Chicken-Fat Fuel


It is not sure how the idea came about, but it is official: the US Air Force and even NASA are currently undergoing tests to see if recycled chicken fat could replace jet fuel.

According to scientist Langley Bruce Anderson, a large number of gallons of this “fuel” were purchased by the Air Force and as much as 8,000 by NASA in view of this try.

Actually this is part of an experiment project called the Alternative Aviation Fuel Experiment II (AAFEX II), which includes another fifteen organizations. The goal is to see if jets can be fueled using renewable matter, such as hydrotreated chicken fat.

First of all, the NASA researchers disposed of the biofuel in the “EM-50” van at test sites in California. But the use of the biofuel will only be gradual, depending on the reaction: a 50-50 mix of biofuel and regular jet fuel and only then, if things go well, scientists will try a 100% use of biofuel on their planes.

The team is not chickening out: two tests have already taken place in California, one on a NASA DC-8 and the second on a US Air Force F-22 Raptor. So far so good!

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