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IEA: China to Produce More Clean Energy Than U.S., EU and Japan, Combined


imagesAccording to the International Energy Agency, the number of newly constructed power plants that produce renewable energy in China, will be higher than the combined number for Europe, the U.S. and Japan by 2035.

In their annual report named World Energy Outlook, IEA point out that wind, solar, biomass and hydropower will produce equal amount of energy as coal, and exceed the energy produced by natural gas.

The report released earlier this week contains projections of the future energy market. The figures indicate that the global electricity supply from renewables will increase by 30%, half of which will be due to an enormous rise of solar power production. This sector alone will generate 45% more output in 2035 than it currently does.

On the negative side, based on the current trends, the authors of the report highlight that the greenhouse gas emissions released by the energy generation sector, will continue to increase. By 2035, they expect that there will be a 20% rise in emissions, while the temperature will increase with more than 3.6 degrees Celsius, which will greatly exceed the internationally agreed safe limit and target of 2 degrees.

Because the energy sector is the greatest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, it will play a key role in determining the future climate. The report urges that new technologies, strategies and policies are implemented in all countries, but especially in the U.S., China, Japan and the EU. According to the agency, this will be the only way to reduce the sharp increase in emissions. The key would be to break the link between economic growth, energy demand and carbon emissions due to energy generation.

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