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First Chinese Solar Powered Cars Unveiled


Unlike the Americans or the Europeans, the Chinese know their way into the cleaner future everybody dreams of. They probably began understanding a long time ago and now bringing into practice the cleanest possible way of transportation: a solar powered electric car.

Equipped with all there is needed, one of China’s first group of solar powered cars have been displayed on the 9th of October at the Zhejiang International Bicycles and Electric Powered Cars Exhibition in Hangzhou, eastern China’s Zhejiang Province.

The small car produced by the Chinese was built to deal with the problems of the energy crisis. The most intriguing fact is that they kept their habit of making things as cheap as possible: the Chinese electric car costs only $5,560! It has solar panels on top of it, absorbing 95% of the light and having an efficiency of 14 to 17 percent, which is pretty good.

The solar powered car will travel about 150 km after you let it charge about 30 hours. If you’re in a hurry to the market and back, and make your shopping in let’s say an hour, it’ll take you only 5 km, if the batteries were theoretically depleted.

So, now they proved you can do it without a lot of cash, why don’t the big car manufacturers do the same with a certain class of cars, instead of pricing them like a ton of gold, each?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I recently heard that Smart Cars are starting to be manufactured with solar panels as well. I’m interested to find out how well it works. You mentioned the mileage when charging for 30 hours – can it be done for a shorter time period as well? I hope other car manufacturers begin to do this as well.


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