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Cooking Comes Alive in the Dead of Winter with New Solar Cookers


BEEF_SNOWFall is upon us and it’ll be winter in no time.  Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or cocoa up the snowy peaks as temperatures start to drop?  And wouldn’t you want a hot muffin or even a hot beef steak to go with that?  Imagine enjoying a hot meal like that in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of winter without lugging around a lot of gas canisters or firewood.

No, scratch that, imagine no more, because revolutionary new solar stoves allow you to make coffee, heat a muffin or even cook food in the middle of the snow.  You don’t even have to worry about your cooked meal freezing over after.

In much less than half an hour, you can cook a meal using a new compact solar oven, with temperatures reaching over 500° F. They are small enough to take out hiking and camping and stuff and even work just after a snow storm.  All it needs is a little sunshine, and don’t all of us need that?

It’s able to do so using an evacuated glass tube as its cooking chamber.  This fits into a parabolic reflector that when folded, protects the glass tube.  The cooking chamber doubles as a thermos so that one doesn’t need to worry about the ambient temperature, even after cooking, so your food doesn’t go cold even if it’s freezing cold outside.

steak in solar cookerIf you’re willing to give up a little portability to gain a little more cooking flexibility, you can get a bigger model that allows you to have a medium rare 8 oz. steak in as little as 20 minutes.

Don’t get us wrong, you can also use the solar stove during the last days of summer or even during spring.  It’s great for cooking after a fishing trip where it’s unsafe to cook using an open fire.  Also, you need not go hungry, or at least don’t have to put up with sushi, when you are on the beach without any fuel for a flame.

New to solar cooking?  Try out a batch of S’Mores.  But since you’re doing it during the day, you can discuss the specter of peak oil instead of your usual ghost stories around the bonfire. At least you know that you need not die of hunger when the fossil fuels run out.  And you don’t need to be John Snow from Winterfell to survive that.

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