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Copper-Graphene Alloy Cools Electronics Better, Improves Efficiency

photo via nextbigfuture

A new copper-graphene composite has been found to be the best solution so far for cooling electronic devices. It’s known that, once they pass a temperature threshold, electronics don’t behave efficiently, and that is the #1 reason for them eating more power than they should.

The material developed at North Carolina State University (NCSU) is attached to the electronics device via an indium-graphene interface film.

Dr. Jag Kasichainula, associate professor of materials science and engineering at NC State and author of a paper on the research said that because of the two materials’ high thermal conductivity, the devices cool efficiently, about 25 percent faster than pure copper.

The copper-graphene material will also be cheap to make with an electrochemical deposition process to sit at its core. “Copper is expensive, so replacing some of the copper with graphene actually lowers the overall cost,” said Kasichainula.

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