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Cyclus: A Spring-Powered Phone Charger by Japanese Designer


I like simple ideas that really bring a difference in the way you live, and probably the way you power your phone is just the thing that might save your life when you’re trapped somewhere, or lost in the desert.

An idea by designer Satoshi Yanagisawa is using a spring, some gears and a small motor to produce about 3 watts of electricity. The 6-volt energy generator is hand-cranked, and its energy lasts for 30 minutes. He calls his invention Cyclus.

Well, I have to admit I thought about building such an energy device in the past, but Satoshi has actually made Cyclus so that it can be used by me, an urban inhabitant, and by one of the many people who don’t have access to electricity.

I have an idea, in case Satoshi reads The Green Optimistic: why not design a Cyclus device with a bigger and stronger spring, having the shape of a bicycle, with properly-sized reductions inside, that could power a 100W light bulb for an entire night, or even a TV and a phone charger?

Springs are cheap ways to store energy, they can be recycled easily and last for years, unlike batteries! And their users could actually practice while they’re generating electricity. Do I have a point here? (I know this has probably been made before, but I’m saying it anyway, it’s interesting)

[via greenlaunches]

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