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Definity Professional LED Lamp to Replace Incandescent Lamps


A braEdison-Inspired-LEDnd new batch of LED lamps have been unveiled recently by Lighting Science Group Corporation with the hope that they would be the eventual replacement for conventional lighting systems.

The LED lamp, known as the Definity Professional A19 LED lamp, has a lightweight aluminium CoolPoly construction that makes it more energy efficient, lighter, and less expensive compared to incandescent lamps.

Other performance specifications of the Definity Professional A19 lamp include brightness of a maximum 71 lumens per watt and being able to dim down to 5%. Another LED lamp in the range which can also dim down to 5%, the GP19, has a brightness level of 80 lumens per watt and is equivalent to 40 watt lamps in terms of the ENERGY STAR rating.

On the new LED lamp range, the Chief Executive Officer of Lighting Science Group, Jeremy Cage commented about how consumers have continually requested for bulbs which have similar functionality to the original Edison bulb and how these new batch of lamps provide exactly that with their beautiful light, high energy efficiency and lack of mercury. He added, “These lamps make every room more beautiful with their lighting quality.”

Lighting Science Group’s Definity range is only part of their list of assignments which now includes a contract with The Bionetics Corporation for developing LED lights for installation in the International Space Station (ISS). Also part of that contract is The Boeing Company, NASA’s lead contractor for the International Space Station. Together with Bionetics and Lighting Science, the three companies would be developing a lighting system that would enable flight crews to maintain circadian rhythm while on board the ISS.

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