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Denmark to Replace Gas Tanks With Batteries


Denmark has a problem. When you’re not like the whole crowd you come from, you’re different and you want to stand up, then you have a problem. Denmark produces a lot more electricity from wind farms than it can consume. In fact, they even want to sell it to Germany and other countries at a small fee, “to get rid” of it.

In western Denmark, the price of electricity can drop to zero on a windy day, leaving utilities scrambling to offload excess power or take a financial hit. To solve this problem, the Danish utility company Dong Energy plans to build a nationwide system to charge electric cars with the surplus wind power.

They plan to make a battery exchange system by 2010 so that you can basically go to a shop near the highway, swap the empty battery you have with a fully charged one for a small fee, and keep going further. That’s the brightest idea I’ve ever heard in my whole life. It would take out the problems of the time spent with charging the car’s battery.


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