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Detroit Welcomes 93 Shipping Containers Made into Luxurious Apartment


green apartmentsDetroit will be welcoming the appropriately-named Power of Green Housing Development which is a project aiming to convert 93 shipping containers to a luxurious apartment complex. The multi-family home that Steven C. Flum designed will have four floors made up of about 20 residences and will be the first such home to be constructed from shipping containers in the US.

Each unit will have one to three bedrooms, with the space in each unit in the range of about 1000 to nearly 2000 square feet, ensuring that even the spaciousness alone shows that it will be a really luxurious apartment complex. The luxury home will have a covered parking garage on the ground floor, and the apartment units themselves will form the roof of the garage.

The storage containers to be used in the building will be stacked in such a way as to make available natural outdoor areas as well as appropriate shading, together with private terraces and balconies made for each of the units on every floor. To ensure that energy cost is not increased, the complex will also make use of reverse cycle air using ducts and tankless water heating.

The fact that it will be a multi-family home will make it more affordable in contrast to single-family homes. In addition to that, the efficient and affordable construction of each of the units would make it an attractive option elsewhere in the country. With more than 21,000 storage containers coming into the US every day, the Power of Green Housing Development as created by Flum will hope to make use of unused containers in creating something truly stylish.

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