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1,200MW Offshore Wind Farm Possibly World’s biggest


offshore wind farmIf the recent submission of plans is accepted and construction is finished, the East Anglia Offshore Wind (EAOW) could turn out to be the biggest offshore wind farm in the world. Just a few days ago, the plans were submitted to the National Infrastructure Directorate for review.

If the farm gets sufficient wind to rotate the planned 325 turbines, enough power can be generated for an estimated 770,000 homes. The project is supported by Scottish power and Swedish Utility Vattenfall.

The program director of the East Anglia Offshore Wind, Andy Paine, stated, “East Anglia ONE is a major project that could make a significant contribution to the UK’s carbon reduction targets, and is larger than any offshore wind farm currently in operation.”

Scottish Power Renewables and Vattenfall have been approved to develop a maximum of 7,200 MW (7.2 GW) of offshore wind power off the East Anglia coast. The 1,200 MW (1.2 GW) being planned now, though huge, would still only be a small percentage of the existing potential of the place. The area being deliberated upon is 14 km off the Suffolk and Norfolk coast, measuring about 6000 square kilometers.

Since the area’s population density is not that much, power would be distributed to larger cities. In Britain, Norfolk is popular for being one of the top beaches with tourism being an important area of the economy. Although some people have suggested that the views on the coast can be ruined by the turbines, these could also be situated in areas where few visitors or coastal residents can be found.

Then also is the fact that such large projects create many jobs, especially during the construction stage.

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