Heilbronn House, a Sustainable Geothermal Home on the Edge of a German Forest

House-HeilbronnHeilbronn House is a three story home designed by KM Architektur which boasts sustainable features such as a passive solar design, solar water heating and a geothermal energy system as well as being built using sustainable materials such as wood, glass and copper.

It is a sterling example of an eco-friendly home but also enjoys great views of the immediate vicinity due to its orientation to make optimum use of the sun.

Heilbronn House is situated in the area of Heilbronn, Germany, and is positioned near a forest to ensure the maximal use of the resources available. For the three floors, the top has the master suite and an expansive deck and the middle floor has space for a kitchen, a dining area, living quarters and two bedrooms with and office. The ground floor houses the one-car garage, a bathroom, a fitness room and a guest room.

The south side of Heilbronn House is covered with glass from the floor to the ceiling so that a large amount of sunlight warms the house in winter, whereas shade during summer is also catered for by deep roof overhangs.

Among the materials used in the construction are common materials such as glass, concrete, copper and larch wood. Solar-powered heating located on the roof supplies the hot water while heating and cooling, depending on the season, is also provided by the geothermal system. Also providing additional warmth is the central fireplace in the living quarters.


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