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ecoSolargy Makes Solar Power Investments Sustainable

Lotus solar modules
credit: ecoSolargy

Investing in green and renewable energy has never been more cost-efficient than with ecoSolargy’s new solar module lines, namely, the Lotus, Apollo and Zeus series. These new modules are guaranteed to cut investment payback by up to five years, while delivering state-of-the-art solar power solutions for the world’s needs.

Alan Lee, CEO at ecoSolargy, says the features of the new products embody the company’s commitment to provide affordable, quality and sustainable solar energy to their customers.

The Lotus series feature black-on-black panels that are engineered at the molecular level using the latest techniques in nanotechnology. These panels have self-cleaning, anti-fading, anti-fogging and anti-bacterial properties. These properties eliminate the need for periodical cleaning maintenance and ensure the panels are performing at maximum efficiency, hence, the five-year reduction in payback time.

Unlike ordinary solar modules, the smooth surfaces of the Lotus panels prevent the accumulation of water, dust and dirt. The series also feature improved resistance buildup that increases energy absorption by six percent and efficiency by 35 percent over a 20-year period.

The Lotus series are available in three different wattages to suit a variety of solar applications. They have excellent performance even in low light conditions, and they can withstand severe environmental stress.

The Apollo and Zeus series come in five different wattages to suit various budgetary and application demands. These are mono-crystalline photovoltaic modules that feature corrosion and high wind loads resistance. Both modules rank high in performance and durability.

The Zeus 300W module ranks second in PTC rating for its class type. PTC refers to practical test condition that measures the power a module produces in real life testing conditions.

The Apollo 250W module delivers one of the most efficient systems performances in the market when combined with a M215 micro-inverter.

The ecoSolargy company is also updating three of its module lines: the Alpha, Orion and Titan series. The revamped modules will boast quicker investment payback, more power and more efficiency.

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