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Electric Food Truck Leads the Way to Sustainability


philly-greens.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scaleAll-electric food truck in Philadelphia leads the way to sustainable, pollution-free, eating.

Food trucks are very convenient, and few can argue that often the little vehicles appear exactly when people most need them. But truth to be told, most food trucks are highly polluting. With their diesel engine running pretty much all the time, the amount of emissions that comes out of the exhaust is just preposterous. And if this is not enough, offering cheap sausages and mix-meat burgers, does not help them make their case in terms of sustainability.

In Philadelphia, however, the ambitious chef- Greg Alden Steele has taken up the task to prove that not all food trucks are enemies of the environment. His Philly Greens food truck has the base  chassis of a solar powered, fully electric Polaris Gem utility vehicle. The food truck can travel about 30 miles on a single charge, with a top speed of about 25 mph. According to Steele, this is more than enough to travel around the city.

To complete the quest of creating a green and sustainable food business, such eco-friendly truck should serve the appropriate food as well. The menu changes according to seasonality and availability of local produce, and it offers strictly non-GMO, high quality food, healthy range of food.

This is so refreshing to see. I am even willing to forgive him for having a small gas generator and a small heater to run the cookers. Apparently it is extremely challenging to find an eco-friendly alternatives, that provide sufficient electricity to run a portable cooking business.

There is (almost) nothing that stops Steele to get out on the street and put some guilt-free smiles on people’s faces. He has even considered getting out in the middle of a big snow storm, but apparently he changed his mind. Now, most likely that was a good decision, since even if the truck managed to handle the conditions, on such days, most customers wouldn’t walk around.

But yes, thumbs up for Philly Greens, and let’s hope this great business expands further and soon!

Image (c) Philly Greens

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