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Elektra One: Electric Airplane Doubles Range by Installing Solar Panels


Is it a big thing to produce an airplane that runs on solar power? The obvious answer is yes. It may cost more on the beginning but it will be very affective in the long run. Solar world and PC Aero have joined hands to take the lead in solar aviation.

The child of this collaboration is the 440 pound Electra One. The plane is capable of carrying 220 pounds of payload with a flight range of more than 600 miles due to the new solar cells installed on the wings. The rotors are capable of producing 1400 propeller rotations per minute.

The single seated Electra One is capable of more than 100 mph cruising speed. Electra One made it first major public appearance at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011. The aircraft, along with the solar charging hanger system developed for it by Solar World and PC Aero, went on to take the Lindbergh Prize for Electric Aircraft Vision Award.

Solar aviation is a promising field for green energy. Aviation is one of the top fuel consuming industries. Furthermore, airplanes are found to be a main source of compounds that cause environmental effects such as global warming and global dimming. A solar powered aircraft will ensure a zero emission flight which will preserve the sky as it have to be.

The price tag, however, is a bit spicy for some, but still cheap compared to some amateur-built planes: $145,000.

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