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Energy Efficient Lighting Industry Blooming in 2013


energyloss01The 2012 Energy-Efficient Lighting Industry survey conducted by the leading manufacturer Precision-Paragon was released last week, indicating that the industry expects growth in energy-efficient lighting revenue in 2013.

More than 4,000 energy efficiency professionals took part in the annual survey. In the past few years, these experts have been extremely accurate in their predictions.  Hence, the Precision-Paragon’s  vice president and general manager Joe Martin is convinced that this time around it will not be any different, and the expectations will be met by the end of the year. 77% of the experts expect an annual revenue growth in 2013.

In addition, according to the survey, automated lighting controls are now specified in 48% of the energy-efficient lighting retrofits, ensuring that lighting is on only when needed.

It is expected that the dominant technology in the sector will be the fluorescent lighting, with 68% of the experts predicting to be installing the technology exclusively. According to Martin, this comes as no surprise, considering that fluorescent lighting is the most attractive alternative with the longest lifespan at a very low cost.

Martin also points out that 2013 would be the year, in which energy efficiency and savings would be the primary goal of many users, which will give a boost to the industry.


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