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Belkin’s New Energy-Efficient Smart LED Light Bulbs Controlled From Your Smartphone


ku-xlargeThe guys from Belkin never fail to surprise us with their super cool new inventions in LED technology. The WeMo line turned quite a number of heads with the numerous products that not only guarantee energy efficiency, but are also super easy to connect and regulate.

And now, the family of WeMo has a brand new member, the Smart 60-Watt LED bulb, which not only can produce the incredible 800 lumens and 3000 Kelvin glow, but also has a cool feature, which will make you place your order as soon as you hear about it.

Just as any other LED bulb, Smart LED can be screwed on any existing lamp. But what makes the product so special and so different from all these other energy efficient light bulbs available on the market is the wireless connection it could make via the WeMo Link system. This allows a full control directly through your smartphone, from dimming the light to scheduling on and off regimes.

And if this is not enough, if you have more than one of these bulbs in your room, you can program them in a group and control them all together. The WeMo Link adapter allows the system to connect as many as 50 Smart LEDs at the time.

There is only one down side of the technology, it is quite pricey. A single Smart LED bulb costs $40, but if you want to take full advantage of it, you will have to also purchase the starter set with the WeMo Link adapter, which costs $130. But think about it, it is a one time investment, and then you get not only energy efficient lighting system , but also a guarantee to impress any visitor to your house with a single tap on your touchscreen, just like these cool guys from the movies do.

Image (c) Belkin

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