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An Open Letter to Scott Pruitt, the New Head of EPA


Scott Pruitt is no stranger to the EPA, he made it his mission as Attorney General of Oklahoma to sue the federal agency repeatedly for what he calls an, “activist agenda”.

Today he took the helm of the EPA, and to say that he faced doubts would be wildly misleading.

More than 800 employees at the EPA signed a protest when he was nominated by Donald Trump for the position. Many employees have experienced emotional fallout from what is clearly an affront to their stated purpose.

But on the 21st of February, 2017 Scott Pruitt got up in front of the EPA and told them that, “You can’t lead, unless you listen,”

Maybe Scott Pruitt would like to listen to me, because I have a few things that I think will help him lead…


Maybe this is you turning over a new leaf, but there are a few people in Oklahoma that would love it if you would listen to them.

When you were the Attorney General of Oklahoma, that state that you helped to pollute for profit…

Remember it?

There are some things that you left behind, and it is shocking that you would just walk away from such grave social issues that you could have easily put a stop to from your position as the Attorney General.

There is a man, a real community leader in the Pawnee Nation named Andrew Knife Chief who would just love it if you listened to him.

And I think you should too.

While you were “working” for the people of Oklahoma there was a tremendous rise in the frequency of earthquakes.

Your state government emphatically denied that the quakes had a thing to do with fracking, but you and your ilk are about the only ones who believe it.

Government buildings that serve the Pawnee Nation were badly damaged in a magnitude 5.8 earthquake last September, and the insurance companies won’t cover earthquakes that are human-made.

Now how do you think humans are making earthquakes in Oklahoma?

Is it the fracking that you allowed to happen in the state that you were charged to defend?

Many people think so, but what really puzzles me is why you would spend your time suing the EPA over air standards while fracking was so clearly a major problem for the people of the state you represented?

Is it because you were really working for the fossil fuel companies the whole time?

That is what many people in the state you recently left think was going on.

And with all the money that you took from huge energy companies like Devon and Exxon, just to name a few, it seems like you were engaged in some corrupt, heartless acts against humanity.

This brings me to the part I really want you to hear.

You know what you are, and you know the kind of people that you are taking money from.

What makes you think they are any better then you, and they aren’t just using you?

If you are planning on gutting the EPA and using them in the same why you used the office you had in Oklahoma, you may find that problems arise as time goes on.

Your direct employer, President Trump, is not known for his balance or compassion. In fact many people in congress want to invoke the 25th amendment.

And this isn’t just politics.

For as long as The Donald has your back, you are probably going to be able to act with impunity.

But if things were to change, and the public view of Trumpian logic was called into question.

(Have you seen the riots?)

Well, let’s just say that the “I was just following orders” defense didn’t hold up in Nuremberg.

Good Luck.

My best,

Nicholas Say

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